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A short and silly story about Harry and his friends at Hogwarts, featuring 3 possible romantic pairings. Plot is completely NLP generated, and some quotes are NLP generated. 100% fanfiction.

This is a short visual novel created by Meggie Cheng and Allison Kim during a class they took at the University of Pennsylvania, CIS 700: Interactive Fiction and Text Generation. The entire plot of the novel was generated using Natural Language Processing (NLP), specifically GPT-2 trained on various Harry Potter canon plots and Harry Potter fanfiction from fanfiction.net. Some of the quotes in the script were also NLP generated.

Background art, main character sprites (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco), and half of the writing and coding credits go to Meggie Cheng (Tauntybird).

Side character sprites (Hagrid, Sirius, Voldemort, Death Eater), and half of the writing and coding credits go to Allison Kim.

The HarryPotterNLPVN-Plot.pdf file contains the original, unedited plot generated by a trained language model. Feel free to read it once you finish the VN :)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter does not belong to Meggie or Allison. This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Harry Potter world, which is trademarked by J. K. Rowling. All rights reserved.


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